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Our Story

The Topor’s Pickle Company story began in Detroit in 1960, when most people in the city came to know the family for their Deli that specialized in fresh meats, locally handmade cheeses, and most famously, the pickles.  Topor Deli became a favorite among many travelers making their way through Metro Detroit and the surrounding area. During that time, the demand for pickles was so great that the deli couldn’t keep up with customer requests.

Topor’s Pickle Company was born out of the overwhelming demand for the pickles.  It was decided that the deli would become a full blown pickle operation with one goal in mind: Keep the recipe the same as it has been for over 80 years using only the freshest ingredients.  Using a family recipe brought over from Europe by Larry Topor’s grandmother, the cucumbers are made with fresh garlic, dill, and a custom blend of pickling spices.  The pickles are aged using a fermentation process that brings out their unique taste and amazing flavors.

Topor’s preserves its rich history today by offering a line of authentic Kosher deli pickles which are never super-heated or pasteurized. A taste of the old world still exists today and it is in the heart of Topor’s Pickle Company.