Topor's Pickle Co.


What is the Process of Fermentation?

Fermented pickles are much different than other types of pickles. The cloudiness is a natural result of lactic acid bacteria growth during fermentation.

Are they kosher? Pasteurized?

Topor's Pickles are all Kosher, and naturally fermented so they are not heat-treated or pasteurized. This means they also require refrigeration.

Can I eat them if they are grayish?

Our Natural Barrel Pickles should be yellow to greenish in color. During the fermentation process, the brine may turn cloudy. This does not indicate spoilage and is due to the natural fermentation.

Can I eat them after the sell by date? How long?

For optimal flavor and texture, product should be consumed by the "best by" date.  The best quality date range of our products is much less than shelf stable pickles. We have established best by dates on our products that will deliver a great experience to consumers throughout the shelf life.  

Do they have to be kept in the Refrigerator?

Yes - always keep refrigerated.